Community Outreach

Bible Correspondence Program

Our very own Bill Coe is over the work of mailing and answering questions from people who wish to enroll in our Bible correspondence course, which has been used for many years to teach and convert souls to Christianity. He has had many responses from the TV and newspaper ads that have been published throughout the years. Upon completion, students have clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, and they receive a certificate of completion.

The Bible Correspondence courses are steady with new students on occasion. The lessons offered have been used many years to help convert from denominationalism to New Testament Christianity.

Outreach Food Program

The community outreach food program began in 1997 at the suggestion of Sandy Haney. The purpose of the program was to assist the sick and homebound, preparing and delivering meals to them in their time of need. Providing meals also opens the opportunity for our members to visit the sick and shut in twice a week. Sandy, with the help of Ruth Mize, ran the program, with Bobby Haney overseeing the operation. Mary Nell Flatt, Michael Martin and Debbie Martin have all been instrumental in coordinating the program through the years This program has seen much success since its introduction. Brettianee Anderson and Hannah Gentry are currently coordinating the program.

Sunshine Baskets

The Sunshine Baskets Program, started in 1988, was developed to serve the sick & shut-in of the congregation & the community. Members of the congregation prepare baskets of fruit & other goods for the sick & shut-in to help brighten their day. The baskets are brought to the building on Sunday morning where anyone in the congregation can pick up a basket & deliver it to anyone who is sick or shut in.

We Care Program

In 1963 the food program was started by Nellie Carver to provide food to our members and their families following a funeral. In 2014, this program was given the name of WE CARE and some reorganization occurred. Two groups were created so that more could participate in this work. In each group some cook and some serve, and some donate money for the meats and other needs. Most of the meals are served in the fellowship hall, although there are times food is taken to the funeral home.

In 2020 the program moved to the oversight of John Mabery with Judy McDaniel coordinating the efforts.

Nursing Home Gifts

Each year, the congregation collects personal hygiene items and candy to send to the residents at the nursing home for Christmas stockings.

Radio – “The Lord’s Word”

We broadcast on WLIV 920 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every week at 10:10 a.m.

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