Congregational Programs

Bible Classes

We have Bible classes available for all ages spanning from our nursery to adult classes. Our Bible classes meet on Sunday mornings before worship service and Wednesday nights. A new Tuesday night live stream class is also available with John Mabery.

On April 1, 2018, a new Bible School curriculum was introduced to the congregation. The Bible Study Guide For All Ages program was adopted and implemented in all classes from Age 2 through high school. An adult class covering the same lessons/topics was also started. This program will cover the entirety of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation over a four-year time span. The program is utilized on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Emphasis is placed on understanding when and where Bible events occurred and the use of a timeline and maps are utilized in each class to help students understand the Bible better. A worksheet to reinforce the lesson is given in the classes up through the 6th grade and this can assist parents in reviewing and studying further with their children at home during the week. By studying the same material in every class, the student will be able to continue on track to complete a total study of Scripture even though they move up from one class to the next.

The Bible class program is under the direction of Titus and Brettianee Anderson.

John Mabery and Ronald Strong alternate in the auditorium, covering various subjects on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Bible Bowl

Our congregation participates in the Bible Bowl hosted by Sycamore church of Christ in Cookeville, TN. Teams of 4 will compete against (typically) hundreds of other teams to answer 100 questions to see who can get the highest score. Scores are tallied as a team and individually.

Learn more about Bible Bowl at

Brother’s Keeper

The Brother’s Keeper program works to keep track of the sick and shut-ins, to help those in need and to help members of our congregation stay in a saved condition. The members of the congregation have been divided up in to smaller groups. Each of these groups is assigned a keeper to keep watch over their group. If a keeper notices a member missing services, it is their responsibility to call, make a visit and tend to that member in order to try and prevent them from falling away. This program is overseen by Michael Martin.

Road Runners

Every couple of months, the road runners meet and take the bus to tour local sites of interest in our area. We always find an interesting place to eat and see a show, take a tour, or shop. All ages can come. See Ronald to suggest a trip or get more information on the next trip.

Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters Program is a program developed to help the ladies of the congregation here at Center Grove church of Christ to get to know one another better. Ladies fill out an information sheet with their birthday, anniversary, favorite things, etc. They then draw out someone else’s name every six months. They bring gifts to put in their secret sister’s slot. They have to be secretive about bringing their gifts so that their secret sister will not know who their secret sister is until the reveal dinner.

After six months, a reveal dinner is held for the secret sisters to find out who their secret sister was & to redraw out a new secret sister. The reveal dinners are then usually held sometime in January & July of each year in our fellowship hall. A special Secret Sister Santa Swap where the ladies bring ornaments to exchange with one another is also held sometime in December of each year in our fellowship hall.

Any lady of the congregation, even if they are not currently participating in the Secret Sister Program, is invited to attend the Secret Sister Santa Swap. Changes are made to the program along the way as needed to improve the program based on feedback from the participants. 

Fruit Bags

Each year, the congregation gives out Christmas fruit bags to all those 65 and older.

Feed the Preacher

In years past, when holding a Gospel Meeting at Center Grove, families would prepare meals and invite the visiting preacher into their homes to eat each night of the meeting. In 1978, family groups began preparing meals at home and bringing them to the Annex to feed the preacher. This tradition continues today, in the fellowship building. The meals are optional for the visiting preacher, as some preachers prefer not to have a big meal before he preaches.

Sewing Group

The sewing group creates one of a kind handmade items to be donated to those in need. We also grow closer together while working on projects. Our donated items are labeled with tags that say “Made with Love by Center Grove church of Christ.” We meet in the sewing room, set up in the fellowship building. Anyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings to work or to just fellowship. No skill is necessary and transportation is available. This program is overseen by Tonya Strong. This year we made another quilt to be donated to Happy Haven Children’s Home. It features all of the buildings belonging to the Lord’s church, meeting in Jackson County. Approx 810 of our ladies and 5 of our young girls had a hand in making this beautiful quilt.

Youth Unite

Youth Unite is a program made up of five congregations, including Center Grove, which meet together for a worship service led by Christian young men from the hosting congregation for the month. These are held five times throughout the year. The congregations that participate in this program include: Center Grove church of Christ, Carthage church of Christ, McCoinsville church of Christ, Zion church of Christ, & Allons church of Christ.

People of all ages are invited to attend. There is also a meal following the worship service. The Youth Unite program was developed under the elderships of the five different congregations in order to help the youth of each of the five congregations to grow closer to one another while learning more about God.

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