Bible Correspondence Program

Bible Correspondence Program

Our very own Bill Coe is over the work of mailing and answering questions from people who wish to enroll in our Bible correspondence course, which has been used for many years to teach and convert souls to Christianity. He has had many responses from the TV and newspaper ads that have been published throughout the years. Upon completion, students have clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, and they receive a certificate of completion.

The Bible Correspondence courses are steady with new students on occasion. The lessons offered have been used many years to help convert from denominationalism to New Testament Christianity.

The following is a list of courses available:

Studies in the Bible- 30 lessons

Allen Webster’s 8 lesson Course of Christianity

Search the Scriptures- 26 lessons

God’s Plan of Salvation– 8 Lessons

The Christian Way- 10 lessons

The Church- 8 lessons

Into All the World- 10 lessons

Foundations of Salvation-6 lessons

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