Our Congregation's History

Although the church of Christ was founded on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2), the congregation here at Center Grove dates back to year 1896.  When Tobice Haney gave the one-acre of land for the church building to be constructed on,

Joe L. Perry asked, "What shall we name this place?".  Robartis Burroughs said, “We shall call it Center Grove.”.  The reason why they decided on this name was because it was founded by three districts of Jackson County (all coming to a point which was known as the ninth, tenth, & twelfth districts) & was surrounded by a grove of poplar trees.

The congregation began with thirty-three members.  The first building burned, which was a white weather-boarded construction.  It was replaced by a schoolhouse, where the congregation met & school was conducted in the same building until 1956.  A new building was constructed, which is now used as our annex building.  The land was given by Otts Ransom. In 1980, the new auditorium was constructed.  This land was bought from Otts Ransom Jr.  The first sermon in the new auditorium was preached on June 24, 1956, by C.W. Coleman.  There were 275 people present that day.  Morgan Medlin was the speaker for a gospel meeting from August 21 through 28.  In 1980, the new auditorium was dedicated by Keith Clark. 

In 2005, our elders made the decision to expand our education program. We have different adult classes so that a variety of choices will be available for our members.  In 2008, our elders made the decision to start building a fellowship hall to help with our food program & to allow for more fellowship space.  This was completed in 2009.

The past elders that have served the congregation here at Center Grove are as follows:  Charlie Johnson, Louis Fox, Comer Chaffin, Johnny Heady,  Artis Johnson, Crawford Burroughs, B.M. Johnson, Ray Flatt, Coy Martin, Bill Hensley, Donald Burris, Roy Young, Logan Cantrell, Keith Clark, Royce Jenkins, Jerry Young, John Mabery, Ted Ragland, Carl Call, & Sjon Gentry.

he past ministers that have served the congregation here at Center Grove are as follows:  John William Fox, Harm Way, Logan Flatt, Tom Dinson, C. W. Coleman, Bill Ballard, Thurman Anderson, S.W. Forkman, Otts Ransom Jr., Hermon Fox, Paul Fox, Loran Crossman, Charlie Maxwell, John Gibson, Ronnie Maxwell, David Flatt, Keith Clark, Ted Gaw, John Mabery, John Anderson, Bill Coe, & Ronald Strong.

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