Sunshine Baskets Program

The Sunshine Baskets Program was developed to serve the sick & shut-in of the congregation & the community.  Members of the congregation prepare baskets of fruit & other goods for the sick & shut-in to help brighten their day.  The baskets are brought to the building on Sunday morning where anyone in the congregation can pick up a basket & deliver it to anyone who is sick or shut in.  Mary Nell Flatt oversees this program.

Individuals who are involved in the Sunshine Basket Program include:  Frances Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Amanda Birdwell, Ashley Broome, Kendra Burris, Michelle Burris, Lois Burroughs, Brenda Call, Judy Cantrell, Jo Ann Carver, Sandy Jo Collier, Heather Conner, Donna Crabtree, Nellie Crabtree, Malinda Dawson, Mindy Dennis, Lisa Dodson, Rita Dodson, Diane Duke, Ann Flatt, Mary Nell Flatt,  Theresa Fox, Rita Gentry, Lorene Haney, Louise Haney, Willene Heady, Elizabeth Howell, Shirley Howell, Crystal Maberry, Barbara Mabery, Elizabeth Mabery, Debbie Martin, Doris Martin, Emogene Mayberry, Amy Holloway, Vilnessa Holloway, Marie Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Pam Peterson, Kayla Pippin, M.B. Ragland, Barbara Scott, Patsy Scott, Grace Sloan, Betty Smallwood, Jerline Stafford, Rita Strong, Tonya Strong, Jennifer Thomas, Kathy Trisdale, Dean Wilson, Frankie Wilson, Donna C. Young, Donna Loftis-Young, Essie Young, & Jo Ann Young.


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