Secret Sisters Program

The Secret Sisters Program is a program developed to help the ladies of the congregation here at Center Grove church of Christ to get to know one another better.  Ladies fill out an information sheet with their birthday, anniversary, favorite things, etc.  They then draw out someone else’s name every six months.  They bring gifts to put in their secret sister’s slot.  They have to be secretive about bringing their gifts so that their secret sister will not know who their secret sister is until the reveal dinner.  

After six months, a reveal dinner is held for the secret sisters to find out who their secret sister was & to redraw out a new secret sister.  The reveal dinners are then usually held sometime in January & July of each year in our fellowship hall.  A special Secret Sister Santa Swap where the ladies bring ornaments to exchange with one another is also held sometime in December of each year in our fellowship hall.  Any lady of the congregation, even if they are not currently participating in the Secret Sister Program, is invited to attend the Secret Sister Santa Swap.  Changes are made to the program along the way as needed to improve the program based on feedback from the participants.  Donna Loftis-Young oversees this program.

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