Outreach Food Program

The Outreach Food Program is a meals-on-wheels program of the church of Christ at Center Grove, wherein individuals of our congregation prepare food Tuesdays & Thursdays for those who are sick & shut-in of our congregation. This program is overseen by Mary Nell Flatt & Mike Martin.

Individuals who are involved in the Outreach Food Program include:  Peggy Anderson, Amanda Birdwell, Michelle Burris, Brenda Call, Ann Coe, Terri Collins, Earl Crabtree, Nellie Crabtree, Jean Dennis, Debbie Dobbs, Ann Flatt, Farlin Flatt, Nell Flatt, Roy Flatt, Thurell Flatt, Theresa Fox, Romelyn Gothard, Tom Gothard, Louise Haney, Raymond Haney, Elaine Hayes, Larry Howell, Elizabeth Howell, Marie Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Barbara Mabery, Debbie Martin, Doris Martin, Betty Mayberry, Edith Mitchell, Mary Charles Mitchell, Ray Pippin, M.B. Ragland, Ted Ragland, Barbara Scott, Billy Scott, Patsy Scott, Betty Smallwood, Roy Smallwood, Tonya Strong, Jean Thomas, Jennifer Thomas, David Wilson, Burton Young, Donna C. Young, Essie Young, & Sheila Young.

Individuals serving in this program take turns on cooking each week.  Some of these individuals prepare the food & some of the individuals listed deliver the meals to those who are sick & shut-in of our congregation.


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