Brothers' Keeper Program

The Brothers’ Keeper Program works together to stay in touch with any members of the congregation who have missed one of our assembly times & checks in on them.  The members of the program meet together once a year in our fellowship hall to evaluate the program & discuss ways in which to improve the program while they enjoy a potluck meal together.  This program is overseen by Mike Martin.

Individuals who are involved in the Brothers' Keeper Program include:  Mike Martin, Debbie Martin, Steve Hensley, Raymond Haney, Louise Haney, Patsy Scott, Vilnessa Holloway, Jeremy Broome, Ashley Broome, Ted Ragland, M.B. Ragland, John Mabery, Barbara Mabery, Earl Crabtree, Nellie Crabtree, Burton Young, Shelia Young, Roy Flatt, Ann Flatt, Mark Collins, Terri Collins, Rellon Burris, Michelle Burris, Randy Duke, Diane Duke, Mike Birdwell, Amanda Birdwell, Roy Young, Essie Young, Jerry Young, Jo Ann Young, Charles Whitaker, Pauline Whitaker, Keith Dodson, Lisa Dodson, Robert Crabtree, Donna Crabtree, Amy Holloway, Chris Mabery, Elizabeth Mabery, Ronald Strong, Tonya Strong, Alan Dawson, Malinda Dawson, Carl Call, Brenda Call, Sjon Gentry, & Rita Gentry.

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