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Mission Work

Our congregation is involved in a number of missionary programs.  More information about each of these can be found below.

  • Our congregation here at Center Grove supports Apologetics Press each year.  Check them out online by clicking here!

  • Our congregation also supports Brad Harrub, who is the director & co-founder of Focus Press, Inc.  This company is the editors & publishers of Think magazine.  You can find out more about Focus Press, Inc. by clicking here!

  • Our very own Bill Coe oversees the work of mailing & answering questions from people who wanted to start Bible correspondence courses.  He has had many responses from the TV & newspaper ads we have published throughout the year.  People can also enroll in the Bible correspondence program here on our website.  Just click here if you are interested in enrolling.  These courses have been used for many years to help convert & teach Christianity.  After completion of the course, the students will receive a certificate of completion & an understanding of what it means to be a Christian.  Brother Bill Coe has prepared an update about how the program has been going this past year below:
    The work continues with the Bible Correspondence Courses.  God uses His children to work in His vineyard.  He knows our abilities since He blessed us with them.  He has made available a means to learn His will through various avenues.  We know not what will influence someone to change his or her lifestyle.  A simple question with a Bible answer may not only change that life, but also family members who are aware of their spiritual condition.  So many try to quench their guilt - it can’t be done.  We all need not only a Savior, but the Lord.  I find the people that are thirsty for knowledge are the ones that want more & more when it comes to lessons for study.  If you would like a study course to pursue, let me know, & you can begin immediately.  All supplies are free:  lessons & postage.  A closing thought is found in the song “Lead Kindly Light”:  “one step enough for me”.  Begin your study with only one step.
    Yours in Christ,
    Bill Coe

  • Our congregation here at Center Grove is very involved in the India Mission Work Program.  On April 4, 2013, Jack Honeycutt presented to our congregation on the work in India.  The mission statement for this work is to “Seek & Save the Lost”. 
    The mission trip that was planned for November 2012 was cancelled due to flooding in India.  Congregations from around the country donated money to support a relief effort instead. Over $62,000 was raised to help.  This year went according to schedule, with Jack Honeycutt, Tim Smith, Steve Draper, John Mabery, Donnie Gammons, & Hugh Wayne Clark making the trip in February.  Hinduism is the number one religion in India.  Many   questions are being raised now when we go, which shows a sign of spiritual growth in the congregation.  The campaign lasted fourteen days.  Right now in India they have over 4,000 congregations.  The men spoke in 197 villages with the same goal:  “Souls, Truth, & Evangelism”.  John Mabery & Jack Honeycutt presented a series of lessons of a survey of the Old Testament & the Book of Ephesians to the preachers.  There were 1,363 baptisms reported.  Truly the fields are white with harvest in India (John 4:35)!  There are 1,535 preachers total.  In 2012, 146,000 New Testament Bibles were distributed & twenty-two new congregations were formed.  The church of Christ supports 686 orphans total.  The orphans are being taught many things. Besides Biblical knowledge, they are also being taught English. Over 200 bicycles were distributed this year.  The congregation here at Center Grove is supporting eighty preachers, twenty-five orphans, & fifteen widows.  We also sent money to repair many buildings after the flooding.  Every penny that we donate for India goes to   India.  For totals of all the money donated to India by our congregation, please see the "Annual Financial Report" on page 71.  The Tuni School of Preaching now has fifteen students & is hoping to add more in the future.
    The goals for 2013 for the India Mission Work Program are as follows:
         -Distribute 100,000 Bibles
         -Distribute 125 Bicycles
         -Add 100 P.A. Systems to congregations in India
         -Construct 25 Church Buildings
         -Purchase 25 Baptisteries for congregations in India
    Thanks for your prayers & financial support of this worthy work!
    In Christ,
    Jack Honeycutt

    You can find out more about the India Mission Work program on their website by clicking here!  The India Mission Program Newsletters & Financial Statements can be downloaded by clicking here!

  • Our congregation also helps support the mission work in Hungary.  An  update of the mission work summarized from numerous e-mails received from Curry Montague during this past fiscal year can be found below:
    -October-December 2012:  Curry & Dora celebrated their sixteenth wedding anniversary.  The work in Hungary is going well with one baptism from a lady who started coming from last year’s campaign.  Kristian (their oldest son) is having increased medical problems & they are making plans to bring him back to Memphis to see his doctors in January.
    -January-March 2013:  Curry & Kristian made it to the United States.  Kristian was very ill before they left Hungary due to a chain of different illnesses & health problems.  Kristian ended up spending about a month & a half in the children’s hospital in Memphis.  Due to the severity of Kristian's illness, all of the Curry family had to move back to the United States long term for his medical care.  Peter Feheavari preaches for Curry while he is away.  They communicate with one another through the internet.
    -April-June 2013:  Curry made two trips back & forth during these months.  Twenty-three members of the congregation were missing him while he is away during this time, but he tried to hold home Bible studies while he was there & encourage them until he had to return to the United States.  In June, they found out that the hospital in Hungary that was taking care of Kristian closed their doors.  Since he has not made much improvement still, no plans for the Montague family to return to Hungary have been made.  They have been there the last five years.  Curry started printing ministry materials in the  language of the people in Hungary to be handed out while he was away.
    -July-September 2013:  Curry returned to Hungary for two weeks beginning on July 25th, but then was forced to return to the United States to be with his family. Peter has continued to preach in his absence & is getting advice daily through the internet from Curry.  Kristian received Botox injections in his legs which has caused him to be able to straighten them out, which they thought would never happen.  He has gotten a little better, but he is still in & out of the hospital. In August, their apartment in Hungary was broken into.  Curry returned back to Hungary to straighten out the damage.  On August 30th, Curry returned back to the United States, but he became very ill on his flight home.  He was seen by paramedics when his flight landed in Atlanta.  He was diagnosed with food poisoning.  He continued onward to Memphis.  He became worse after a couple of days in Memphis & ended up in the hospital himself for eight days with different health problems.  On September 18th, Curry returned to Hungary.  September 22nd was the start of their fall campaign.  They had fifty-three people present for the Sunday service to kick-off their fall campaign, seventeen of which were visitors, with four of those visitors being new-comers to their worship service.  Curry is now feeling better & wants to thank everyone for their prayers & support of the mission work in Hungary.

Bible Correspondence Program

Here at Center Grove, our Bible Correspondence program is open for anyone to join at any time.  This ministry is overseen by one of our ministers, Bill Coe.  If you are interested in this, please fill out the contact form below.  


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